Energy is a complex issue facing The Wasatch Front and Utah at large for the foreseeable future. As coal use becomes less preferred and hydroelectric energy supplies become more scarce, Bountiful and our neighboring cities will have to think out of the box and take big measures to establish long term solutions.

Water & Land

Bountiful City is extraordinarily well situated to continue to have access to water in the future with both underground and hillside water sources.  However, Utah is a very dry state and is, on average, getting drier. Our City needs to be able to evaluate water use and water policy critically for areas where more efficient use is possible.

Bountiful City's land area is largely residential. However, there are some open areas such as the bountiful hillsides where there are opportunities to increase access for our residents.

Roads & City Services

Many of the City Services of Bountiful are top notch and need little more than to be maintained. Some services like road, sidewalk, and curb repair are in danger of falling behind in some areas of the city. We have an opportunity to get ahead of this.

For Recycling and Waste Management, The City has an opportunity to educate residents on what items are recyclable and to look at picking up recycling weekly versus bi-weekly.